The Brampton Day Nursery offers five rooms full of fun and learning! Click on the room's photo to see a panoramic of the room.

The Baby Room

The baby room is a warm and friendly environment for any child to play and learn. The nursery staff devote themselves to giving your child the best possible care and attention that they require. Our children learn through play that enables them to develop their Social, Emotional and Physical skills.

The Toddler Room

The toddler room is a very lively room for children aged between one and two years old. The attention in this room is focussed on fun and play including creative activities and messy play to help your child learn. All activities are planned to promote and encourage each individual child’s development.

The 2 - 2½’s Room

In this room there are a wide range of activities designed to help your child enjoy their day at nursery, these range from painting and gluing to story time. We begin to potty train the children in this room when it is felt that they are ready. We like to take the children out into the play area as often as possible to use the wide range of outdoor activities that we have.

2½ - 3’s Room

The room is a stimulating environment for the children; we provide a consistency of care and are always doing exciting and interesting activities. The children are always smiling laughing and having lots of fun. We provide a wide range of toys to help the children learn through play and to help their overall development.

The Pre-School Room

The pre-school room follows the early years curriculum, which is planned activities implemented through play. Themes are covered which include a wide range of stimulating activities for your child. The room is always full of smiles and giggles and there is always plenty of chatter.

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